Kelly Petronis is funny. So funny, in fact, that the county threatened to put him in jail. The backyard standup comedy show he hosted at his house, Krakin Jokes, aroused a bounty of interest in the community and some unnecessary attention from the authorities-that-be, who slapped him with a notice of non-compliance for "operating a comedy club in a residential zone," served with a side of bureaucratic disdain.

The Krakin Jokes show was the subject of and inspiration for a documentary detailing the rising creative class in Athens, GA, called Athens Rising. Since his house show days he got his masters studying the linguistics of improv comedy, launched Flying Squid Comedy, and founded Gorgeous George's Improv League where he performs and teaches improv every week.

An independent filmmaker, improviser, and serial podcaster, Kelly is one part self-produced punk rock comedian, one part sweater-wearing linguist philosopher. He has performed for audiences of all stripes and ages with his comedy that is logic-bending, poetic, and tantalizingly dry.

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